Discovery 2 Front Rain Gutter Corners

Discovery 2 Front Rain Gutter Corners
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Discovery 2 Front Rain Gutter Corners (1 pair Left & Right)

They are printed in eSun ASA which as about as good as it gets for durability / strength on the outside of a vehicle

You can and probably will need to sand them to get the best finish.

the usual auto sanding process with wet and dry should work just fine. you can use a file or sander but you would need to be a tad careful not to induce too much heat etc.

you can use the likes of supercheap auto primer in a spray can then apply any colour you may wish to apply.

i suggest you try fitting them prior to painting as you may need to use a heat gun or hair drier to get the best fit.

You can apply moderate force but bear in mind these are printed parts not moulded parts and although they have the durability they may not have the strength of the original part.

do not apply too much heat as it will induce warping and excessive shrinkage if you get them too hot.

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